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Kam Him Centre is very grateful to all its supporters and donors who believe in our mission of forming the young people of today to become leaders of tomorrow. We are always in need of the following to enable us to develop and maintain our projects:

  1. Financial Donation: Kam Him accepts cash or cheque donations. For cheque donations, please issue in favour of "East Asian Educational Association" and mail it to our address. Kindly write your name and address at the back of the cheque. Please indicate which project/program you would like to sponsor. An official receipt will be issued for donations of HK$100 and over. Please inform us of the name to be written on official receipt and address.

  2. Donations in kind: We also receive donations in kind which will be used for the different projects of the Centre.

  3. Volunteer Work: We also need volunteers to help us with our local (such as visits to the elderly homes, and teaching English to new immigrants) and international service projects



  1. 捐款:錦謙接受現金或支票捐款。如欲以支票形式捐款,支票抬頭請寫 「東亞教育促進會」 郵寄至錦謙中心(大圍徑口里1號),並在支票背面填寫你的名字及地址,亦可指定捐助的活動。任何超過港幣100元的捐款我們都會發出收據,請提供收據抬頭及郵寄地址。

  2. 物資捐贈:我們也歡迎捐贈物資作中心不同活動之需。

  3. 義工服務:我們需要義工協助我們海內外的義工活動,包括探訪老人院及義教英文。

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